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April 28th 2018.


We are working on bunch of songs in the studio now with different artists.




My favorite one is called Airport Cafe, this one will be available soon!


This one I wrote and recorded with Garageband. Awesome!

We have some time for the music now and it is flowing out of me, and I realize I really am a very good song writer. Am looking at a lot of songs I wrote over the years and I have so many. I will be slowly putting them up on SoundCloud. I will also make some of them available for download.


Also we wrote and recorded lyrics and melody for a song called 'Space for Rent' John sent me the music and the title of the song and it just came to me instantly,  Ha!  guess i can relate completely!

Not sure when they will release it.


We are also working on a few others. Working with Osmosis Unlimited is opening up my creative juices and I am getting a lot of support from all around. Life is good.


 Thanks for your support!


Have a #Stampingmusic Day!



April 17th 2018.


And We are back! Took a long trip, was all over the USA, down to south America. Was gone 40 nights. I have been back a month struggling with frozen water and as I do not allow anything to really stop me.

I forge onward!

The studio is now up and running!

We are currently working on a few projects with a few groups as well as my own projects. Visit the music page for links to SoundCloud.


More music is on the way!


Have a blessed day! Stay safe!

Love Nettye




January 12 2018,

Wishing everyone a safe and prosperous #stampingmusic day!



January 11th 2018

Bonjour! Water is still froze :( thats ok its warming up. The roads are a sheet of ice. We don't salt the back roads up here in the bush.. Going to be a slush pond by tomorrow. We will see. Have a #stampingmusic day everyone!











Mary Gillis Mary Gillis

By the late 1700s, a horrific time in Scotland's history, the Highland Clearances were escalating. Families were torn apart and thrown from their lands. Their homes were destroyed and their lives were in danger. Murdoch Gillis could not let his family be destroyed so he left his home, the home of his ancestors, in search of a new home across the sea. He boarded a ship bound for North America with his wife and children and a good many of his friends. Landing on Prince Edward Island, at Orwell Bay, the immigrants began a new settlement. They fought the storms in winter, the heat of summer and carved for themselves a place in Canadian history.

January 10 2018 have a blesssed night...

My Mom wrote this book. I will pick it up again,

January 10 2018 have a blesssed night

Am gonna go sing now.. just a bit. Water is still frozen here but with temps going up all will be well.. stay safe peeps! -net


Monday January 8 2018,

I lived down near the Lachine canal in 2003. 15 years ago, wow. On many a snowy Monday night like tonight. I would call Gary Davis and tell him I was picking him up to drive him to his gig at Pub Claddagh that was located on Crescent Street.  I would drive over along the waters edge. He lived in Lasalle. Then we would catch the highway downtown. He would let me get up and sing sometimes. I had met him at open mike night a year earlier at Hurley's Pub. We still go there sometimes. So many good memories come to mind. I was just recalling those days and had to share. Gary Davis plays guitars on two songs from the CD Not really blu that we released in late September 2004. Was a fun time being in two bands. That summer I also started working with a progressive rock band called 'Monseigneur Chrome penning lyrics and melodies for them, memories... of how life changes and stays the same...

Sir Harold Boutlon wrote; The Skye boat song,

published in Songs of the North by Boulton and MacLeod, London, 1884


Not so hard to play on my Ukulele :p

What a beautiful melody!


Montreal downtown at 4pm today.

Monday January 8th 2018


Been at my desk all day.


Bonjour! I did unlock my twitter account, am supposed to be using it for shameless self promotion.. But I have no new music yet, soon!


I was speaking with a fellow composer who finds my music 'simple'. I write what I write until the story is told. Be it a mini song of two chords that is so simple a child could play it or something a little harder. 

I am the writter. I find the story the melody and the idea I want to put across.


Today I also worked 6 30 am to 3:30 pm managing the rates and set up for our company and setting up the websites and configuring... my arm is sore... it never ends.


I am going to play Makala a bit now, and then maybe my guitar.


Soon the studio will be all set up so I can just turn everything on when I have an inspirational eruption.

(over the holidays) I was with Mom, none of the family came up and I sat and watched Mom sleep at her desk because she was so ill she could not breath when she layed down, poor thing.

Mom and I had a good time. She had to be a good Momma and make a wonderful dinner. She loves Christmas, And it was very nice.

I was drinking a lot over the holidays. Holiday cheer! Now it is time to get real!


Have a #stampingmusic day! -net



January 6th 2018

Yes! Am very inspired. Been listening to all the versions of The Skye Boat song, all versions are lovely. The original writer should always be respected as much as possible. I am very glad to have been introduced to this song. Such a bonnie song! The melody is so lovely, one can sing anything over it,

am editing myself again. I read the history of this song. Imagining all the musical pieces out there written.. we have yet to hear. Edited.. jan8th


oh day 4 absolutely no pain.. chill and i mean really chill, its so cold out there brrrr. Tomorrow we will get balmy -17F or 0C hehe maybe the water will unfreeze.





More music on the way... dream a little dream

(passage from a new song am working on called; Vis-à-vis, Face to face in English.) will post more as I work on it ..





January 5 2017


One of my muses is calling and I am listening, her name must be Melody.

She speaks in my heart of who I am, and my purpose. This is my strength.

As I reach a place in my life where everything always seems to make sense most of the time, I have learned to be patient because all at once that can change ... (chuckles to myself)  ctms,  I look outward now to find all of my muses.

Life is so inspiring.




Happy Blessed New Year Everyone!

about me..

I have been intrigued with Scotland for a long time, though of late it is the new series Outlander that has brought me back to my interest in my roots. Am a wee bit of a mut mixed with English Irish Scottish and French. My Mamaw once told me I am Matis. I guess that means I have some Indian blood as well. oh yeah Mom says I have some Choctaw Indian. Being born in the southern USA I guess I am creole or cajun. This is where my music comes from. I call it roots music. Found this prayer for you all.. on  


Celtic Blessing of the Nine Elements:

May you go forth under the strength of heaven, under the light of sun, under the radiance of moon;
May you go forth with the splendor of fire, with the speed of lightning, with the swiftness of wind;
May you go forth supported by the depth of sea, by the stability of earth, by the firmness of rock;
May you be surrounded and encircled, with the protection of the nine elements.


Much love in 2018 and Good Fortune and Health to all.. nettye

( *note I have been researching what the nine elements actually are.. and have found Nine Elements of the Druids, which are; SUN - MOON - SEA - WIND - SKY OR HEAVENS - GREEN GROWING THINGS - LAND - STONE CLOUDS.. I will post more about it when I find something but as I can see it comes mostly from Pagan beliefs. I myself am a Christian. fyi


Have a glorious day! Here is a link to my song JOY just a clip for now. It may also be on spotify, though I did not put it there I keep seeing the link. We are reworking a lot of the links. full version will be on YOUTUBE soon.


Its colder today than Yesterday! woohoo -35 my oh my i better install that fireplace.. brrrr. Working on a new song...gonna take a trip soon...


Gotta remember to pack my 3 dollar dress.

Been very cold and my muse has been calling.

Joy seems to elude me because of loneliness.

It was never the fear of being alone that kept me loyal to my love, my heart.

Craving the joy craving the joy I so wish to share with you. I am I have been I always will be true to what my heart tells me to do. Craving the joy of your smile, yes yours, you... shine on!

December 28th 2017

just thoughts..

Nature offers us such wonder and beauty. We are all part of that beauty. Humanity truly does have some wonderful qualities of compassion and strength and yet we are so fragile.


Looking out my window at the blistering cold I am thankful to have a home where I am truly blessed every day. I am very thankful of all that has come to pass in my life good and bad that has led me to where I am today. And I thank the Lord God and Jesus as my savoir. 

Wishing you all a blessed New Year. - Nettye

2018 is going to be FUN!!!

December 25th 2017


Happy Holidays Everyone!




La blanche neige scintillante se soir, j l'aime les minuscules flocons de neige. La lune devient plus petite cache par les nuages. Les nuits sont plus sombres, mais bientôt nous aurons une nouvelle lune pour apporter la nouvelle saison des festivals..


.. shimmering snow, très magique.
A perfect northern evening begins.. at - 12 bon nuit


Feeling good today! December 15 2017 La vie est belle... Rock on everyone!


December 14 2017, 

Very cold here today.. -22 What?

We usually get those temps in January.

Wish I was on a beach with my guitar. Dreaming of new beginnings and a New Year that Rocks. We have been tossing ideas back and forth with a few collaborators on some ideas for a couple of projects. Still waiting on the studio/playhouse to be ready for visitors. See you all soon. I love my little Chalet. Even more than my main house. Nice to have Mom so close I can see her lights from my kitchen at night since they groomed all the trees. I made all the sacrifices I needed to make to get to be here in this wonderfully humble paradise, but honestly I am kinda lonely. I dont mind being far from the city, I am a country bumpkin so here I will stay,  Peace .. am going to make some soup and do some writing. Am feeling a little under the weather.... Have a stampingmusic day!

Dec, 13 2017

Bonsoir mes amis frankoflies, Je me sens que la ville est belle, je faissais les petites songes, l'inspration me suivre, je l'ecouter...

Been working working... at the day job. Jammin with Steve today. Jouer la musique un peux.  Love working with dudes who know all the chords.  #stampingmusic rox on.

December 6 2017


Two years ago today, We miss you every day Daddy. God bless, we love you.


December 5 2017.


Good morning, Yes, we have lots of snow here. I am usually up at 5am. I work at my day job in the morning. Work around the house in the afternoon. And play music in the evening. In between I help Mom quite a bit. Our schedule is about to change. Am very excited to have my very own playhouse. Where we will be able to get some plays into production.

One in particular I started writing back in 2004 ... i had to edit myself. Some rant about.. what? ahhh never mind.

December 4 2017


Hi Again,

November 26 2017

Good morning! 

Having a little Bailey's in my coffee. I know am bad.... been musing,

Writing is a peculiar thing.

To be able to tell a story in a way that is authentic is a task. A song is a short story, and also a way to send a message or tell one's own perspective.

Le stamping studio is also playhouse and rehearsal space.

I have been blessed to follow my heart.

My thoughts for the rest of the day...

We can sometimes be pulled away from our art, but our art never leaves us if we are true to ourselves. That is the magic of it all.

Have a #stampingmusic day!





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